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Why replace ignition leads?

spark plug

The more efficient the ignition lead the more spark energy is transferred to the spark plug.

Better energy transfer will increase spark duration. The longer the spark is present, the larger the portion of the air-fuel mixture is ignited which results in a more complete burn. This inevitably gives you the most from the fuel entering the engine.

A weak spark may start the combustion process but since there is limited time for the mixture to burn before the exhaust valve opens it may result in a less efficient combustion.

A poor spark can:

  • Result in poor combustion
  • Deliver poor fuel economy
  • Result in engine misfires
  • Result in an erratic idle
  • Ignite the Check Engine light
  • Cause Radio interference

Replacing Ignition Leads can:

  • Improve ignition spark duration resulting in better combustion
  • Deliver better engine performance and responsiveness
  • Eliminate misfires and improve fuel economy
  • Reduce harmful emissions

Worn ignition leads and boots can leak voltage to nearby engine parts, causing arcing and creating performance problems and even other ignition component failures.



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