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What do Ignition Leads do?

Ignition leads, also known as Ignition wires, High tension leads, High tension cables or Spark plug leads are the cables that connect a distributor, ignition coil, coil pack, or magneto to each of the spark plugs in some types of petrol combustion engines, to ignite the fuel-air mixture in the cylinders.

Ignition leads are an important part of a vehicle ignition system with up to 35 kV of high tension voltage to transfer from the ignition coil. Ignition leads are critical in ensuring efficient and reliable high voltage transfer to the spark plugs with minimal loss or voltage drop.

Ignition Leads must deliver multiple performance requirements.

  • Contact stability
  • High voltage strength
  • High grade insulating properties
  • High temperature resistance
  • Resistance against vibration
  • Resistance to chemical attack and humidity
  • Immunity to electromagnetic interference

High quality Ignition Wires are essential to successfully achieve all these requirements.

While ignition leads may seem to be simple components, there is significant technology that goes into their design. Because of the high voltage, the cables are large in diameter, and are made from thick-walled insulating material around a central conducting core. The heavy insulation prevents leakage occurring and also withstands the effects of high temperature, oil and moisture.



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